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Nobody intends to live their life feeling exhausted, sick or in pain.

But as life gets busier and we are faced with so many competing priorities, it gets harder to say yes to things that keep us healthy. We pour our focus into our families, our homes, our careers; until one day we realize that we forgot to take care of ourselves.

Lucy Hoblitzelle


Often we don’t value our health until it is threatened.

My name is Lucy Hoblitzelle, and for decades I worked as a Registered Nurse specializing in Adult Acute Care — taking care of the sickest of the sick.

Although I found that work rewarding, it always frustrated me that there wasn’t more support for patients to prevent or reverse the disease before it became life threatening. If 80% of chronic disease is lifestyle related, why don’t most treatment plans provide the support people need to really transform their lifestyle?

That frustration drove me to study psychology and behavior change — and ultimately to transition into a full-time career as a Health & Wellness Coach.

I now use my experience as a Nurse and Coach, to support people through some of the most demanding health challenges of their life.

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Lasting health begins with the smallest of changes.

Whether you are dealing with a diagnosed health condition or have simply realized that “things need to change," one of the biggest temptations is to try changing everything at once. This approach can not only be hard on you and can leave you feeling even more frustrated and demoralized. My role as a Health & Wellness Coach is to help you:

Define what “good health" means for your specific circumstances.

Identify the changes that will be most impactful and sustainable for you.

Develop a realistic and sustainable plan for making those changes.

Navigate the day-to-day challenges of implementing that plan.

Coaching can help you feel more  confident and in charge of your health.

Professional Health & Wellness Coaching can greatly expedite your progress towards your goals for health and well-being. There’s no substitute for the relief that comes from having a solid guide to help you clarify your path forward and make progress on it.

As a Registered Nurse, I can help you demystify the medical jargon and understand what is really going on in your body — giving you the confidence to ask the right questions, and get the information you need from your healthcare provider.

As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I can help you understand the personal nature of behavior change — helping you to develop and implement a plan of action that works for your specific circumstances.

Changing your life can start with a simple chat.

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